Summer 2017 was a pretty crazy season for me here. Between traveling outside the country to learning the ins and outs of documentary filmmaking, to attending my TEN year high school reunion, my calendar stayed full—like, right at the almost-too-full-to-carry-the-cup-around level of full, which is, whether I like it or not, where I tend to both thrive and burn out.

By far, the most exciting part of this summer was seeing San Francisco get remixed by DJs across the world. Earlier this year, the song was picked by Indaba Music to host a remix contest, which garnered over 200 entries, which I thought was pretty darn cool, until it came time to judge them all. That whole process took me a while, and in the end, I had to settle on only three.

Here are the winners of the San Francisco remix contest, as chosen by me and all the wonderful listeners over on Indaba